Italy freezes Putin’s alleged super yacht Scheherazade

A yacht attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin is being held by Italian authorities. The Scheherazade is docked in the port of Carrara – and was apparently ready to go to sea.

In Italy, the super yacht Scheherazade was arrested by the authorities. It is said to be owned by Russian President Putin, but the ownership is not officially clear. The Italian Treasury has said it has economic and trade ties with senior members of the Russian government and people on sanctions lists. They were therefore placed under state guardianship and frozen. Finance Minister Daniele Franco cites EU actions, which include the confiscation of assets attributed to Russian oligarchs and other prominent figures.

Yacht Refueling Reports

Over the past few days, there have been repeated reports that the ship is being readied for sea. According to a New York Times report, activities have concluded that she is in fuel and in full supply.

Officially, it is to operate under a company called Beilar Asset Ltd. be registered. A team led by Russian dissident Alexei Navalny discovered in March that apart from the British captain, there were only Russian employees on board, many believed to be from the FSO’s protection service. His duties include keeping Vladimir Putin.

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