“It’s one of the dumbest ideas in history”


The German coach of Liverpool has also shown his dissatisfaction with the reforms that the Champions League will undergo

In the FA Cup final preview press conference, Jürgen Klopp revealed his dissatisfaction with the Nations League, a competition won by Portugal in 2019, and with the Champions League reforms , which will take effect from 2024. The Reds’ base The feeling of the coach is something that unites these two competitions: the increase in the number of games and the resulting player fatigue.

The new version of Champions will allow a team to play a maximum of 17 matches from the start of the competition to the final, excluding qualifying rounds, instead of the current 13 matches from the group stage to the final. This transformation led the German to say that ‘more games is always a bad idea. I talked about it a lot’

But Klopp was even more critical of the Nations League, a national team competition which started in 2018, even saying he would be willing to sacrifice some of the money won in the League final champions to end the competition in question.

“The Nations League is one of the most ridiculous ideas in the world of football. The players have played over 70 games and we continue with the Nations League games (after the end of the season). Four, five , six games with national teams. I would prefer UEFA to make more money from the Champions League finals and get rid of the Nations League.”

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