Jorge Jesus reveals invitations since leaving Benfica: ‘I didn’t want to work…’


Statements by the Portuguese coach in an interview with the program “Bem, Amigos!”, on SporTV.

Jorge Jesus, in an interview with the program “Bem, amigos!”, evoked the various proposals he had had after his departure from Benfica, in December 2021. Remember that, since then, the Portuguese coach has not resumed no team. .

“I usually go after my instincts. The fact that I came to Flamengo [em 2019] it was a bit of instinct, the heart. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to hold on and make it happen. I left Benfica a few months ago. When I left I had invitations to work in different parts of the world, including England, Everton, Premier League. It didn’t cheer me up, because I’m used to winning titles and not matches,” he said.

“I was invited to work in three teams, including two from South America. I said: I will define what I will do only from May,” he added, later confirming that one of them was Chile.

Jesus also revealed conversations with two Brazilian clubs. Atlético-MG and Corinthians spoke to me, but made no financial offer. When I left Benfica, I didn’t want to work. So with all due respect to Atlético and Corinthians, two great teams that no one can reject, I just said I didn’t want to work. I wanted to arrive until May,” he concluded.

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