Josep Borrell criticizes opponents of arms deliveries in an interview

“We are not taking part in the war, but taking sides,” said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell of the FAZ.
Image: Reuters

In the FAZ interview, the EU foreign policy chief criticizes that opponents of arms deliveries to Ukraine apparently don’t care about an end to the war. He calls on Europe to be less naive in foreign policy in the future.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Ukraine should win the war. What does that mean exactly?

Matthias Rub

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta based in Rome.

Not to be under Russian domination, to preserve its own independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. And a policy based on the will of the people.

What will the EU do to achieve this objective?

More of what we have already done. Supplying arms to Ukraine, weakening the Russian economy, isolating Russia internationally. I do not understand people who say that the more weapons you supply to Ukraine, the longer the war will last and the greater the suffering of the Ukrainians will be. Even in Europe, some say that.

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