Judicial Police arrest murder suspect during FC Porto victory celebrations – News

The judicial police, through the North Directorate, identified and detained on the night of Monday, May 9, “a man for practicing the crime of qualified homicide”, said the police in a press release.

It is further explained that this case took place in the early hours of Sunday, May 8, in the city of Porto, “in retaliation for a succession of attacks that, since January of this year, had taken place between the accused, its the family and the victim”.

A source from the judicial police confirmed to the SAPO24 that this arrest is linked to the events that took place near the Estádio do Dragão, during the celebrations of FC Porto’s victory in the Portuguese football championship.

In the early hours of Sunday, a 26-year-old man was stabbed to death, and Porto PSP identified the suspects in the attacks that led to his death near the Estádio do Dragão, where tens of thousands of supporters gathered. gathered.

The woman who accompanied the victim, and who would have tried to iron out the disagreements, was also slightly injured.

According to the PJ, “at the time, a group of individuals, including the accused, pursued the victim, reaching and kicking and punching him”.

“Given the intervention of some people, who were also assaulted, the victim managed to get away from the scene, surprised by the accused who, armed with a large bladed weapon, struck her in the several times and with extreme violence, causing him to death”, we can still read. Then, “the whole group of attackers dispersed and the accused was put to flight”.

The Judiciary also points out that “the 19-year-old detainee, a cleaning employee, without a criminal record, will be present at the first judicial interrogation for the application of the coercive measures deemed appropriate”.

The death was motivated “by personal reasons”

The death was due to “personal issues” between the victim and the attacker, a police source told Lusa today. This source linked to the investigation explained that “there was a personal matter, disagreements, between the victim, the family of the accused and the accused himself” arrested Monday evening by the judicial police.

The same source clarified that the episode of violence “was not a dispute over territories, nor wars between armed ‘gangs’, nor had to do with football”, adding that, during the attacks, no firearm was used, only the knife the accused had fatally stabbed the 26-year-old victim.

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