Jurgen Klopp couldn’t contain his laughter at Guardiola’s outburst


Pep Guardiola commented that Liverpool were the English and media favorites and prompted a reaction from the German manager.

“Everyone in this country supports Liverpool. The media and everyone. Liverpool have an incredible history in European competition. Not in the Championships, as they have only won one in 30 years,” Pep said. Guardiola of the English title race, in statements that deserved a comment from Jurgen Klopp.

“I live in Liverpool. Here a lot of people want us to win the championship, that’s for sure. But even here it will probably only be 50% of people,” reacted the German.

“I said a lot of things that I regret, until recently after the Tottenham game. It was good then, but maybe I was wrong. I don’t know how Pep is. Being knocked out of the Champions League is tough enough, on top of that, Liverpool reached the final… You can even say ‘ah, but they’ve only faced Villarreal, and they’ve only faced Real Madrid’. don’t know if the whole country is supporting us. It’s not the feeling I get when we play away, it’s actually the opposite. But maybe he has more information than me “.

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