Kim Jong Un such a culprit

There have officially been no corona infections in North Korea for over two years. But now the situation is apparently so bad that the country is reporting an outbreak. Kim Jong Un lays the blame on himself.

North Korea is sinking into corona chaos: the population is not vaccinated, more and more people are contracting the virus. But North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has not responded to South Korea’s repeated offers of help. The corona situation in the country of 25 million people is spiraling out of control.

So far, North Korea has tried to navigate the health crisis in isolation. According to experts, the country has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. Hospitals are poorly equipped and have few intensive care units. Drugs to treat Covid-19 and mass testing capabilities are unavailable.

North Korea only reported the corona outbreak last Thursday. According to state media, 50 people have since died of “fever”, as it is called. More than a million inhabitants would be sick.

South Korea “does not want to save on necessary support”

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol reiterated his offer of help on Monday. “If the North Korean authorities agree, we will not save on the necessary support,” he said, promising vaccines, medical supplies and personnel, among other things. According to the Unification Ministry in Seoul, North Korea has yet to respond to the offer.

North Korea currently receives significant support from China. Relations between the two countries are good. China, which is also relying on severe population restrictions to contain the pandemic, sends oil by pipeline and grain or fertilizer by boat to the affected country.

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