Lambrecht attacks his ministry – “Rumours, gossip and room radio” – domestic politics

The minister is angry…

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) spoke out against the indiscretions of her own ministry. There is a “non-culture” there, “feeding the media with rumours, gossip and room radio,” Lambrecht told “t-line“.

It is “an unfortunate development, especially for a ministry responsible for security policy”.

Lambrecht, who has been criticized from various quarters for weeks, expressed her belief that this issue has nothing to do with her.

“When I look at what’s been written about my predecessors, I don’t feel like it’s about me personally,” she said. Some of the allegations are also “so absurd” that they don’t even care.

It happens, for example, that she leaves the ministry at 3 p.m., but “unfortunately there is no information that I will then open for the next appointment”, criticized the minister.

About the personal attacks on herself and her son in connection with the helicopter flight before their holiday together in Sylt, she said: “I cannot start with the term ‘mother’s son’ as little as with ‘ mother crow “.” She and her son had a very good relationship. “I wish everyone with children that this happens.”

The Minister of Defense has been facing strong allegations and has been asking for his resignation for weeks. She is not sufficiently interested in the Bundeswehr, according to one of the allegations from her house. She is also accused of internationally promising the delivery of Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine, but apparently no ammunition is available for them.

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