LE BAL – Edenílson reaffirms the accusation of racist insults by Portuguese Rafael Ramos (Brazil)

International midfielder Edenílson, 32, has accused Corinthians’ Portuguese full-back Rafael Ramos of racial slurs during the 2-2 draw between the two teams on Saturday night at Estádio Beira-Rio, which was to be held on Friday the Brazilian Tournament.

In the first interview after the events, the player addressed the controversy, in the matter after the match with the Colombians of Independiente Medellín, for the Copa Sudamericana, this morning, in which he scored the two goals of the challenge.

“I was judged a lot, they called me everything including being a liar and deaf. It’s easy to twist the facts. The pictures are there to be analyzed. The only thing I hope for is that is that they don’t judge me, I didn’t want to speak, at the time, in a press conference out of respect for the boy’s career, just as I didn’t understand the reasons that led him to insult me “said Edenílson, who accused the party of calling him a ‘monkey’.

He then reaffirmed the charge of racial slurs.

“I would like to hear an apology, that Rafael Ramos accepts the mistake. I’m a family man, I’m sure he (Rafael) also has a family in his country. It’s my way of being, I try to be the best person I can be, I didn’t want to judge or expose anyone. I just want the truth to come out. He and I know what happened and what he told me. I want the authorities to intervene. I’m sure that what I heard will never change, it can never be erased,” assured the Porto Alegre player.

“I am very proud of my color and I respect everyone else because we are all the same. I am proud of my upbringing and the values ​​with which I was brought up,” he concluded.

The case will now be the subject of a lip-reading expertise, as recently announced by the civilian police.

In the sports field, the prosecution of the Superior Court of Sports Justice has requested the opening of an investigation to determine the veracity of the complaint filed by the Internacional midfielder.

It is recalled that Rafael Ramos was detained at the stadium to testify, after being released on bail (see related news).

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