LE BAL – “Fenerbahçe is waiting for me” (Turkey)

Jorge Jesus has admitted that he will be able to continue his career at Fenerbahçe, with whom he has been negotiating since April, as A BOLA progresses.

“When I arrive in Portugal I will have to think about what I am going to do with my life. There is a team, Fenerbahçe, waiting for him to arrive in Portugal. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I have to start making decisions,” the coach said in an interview on ‘Bem, Amigos!’ from SporTV in Brazil, where he enjoyed a few days of vacation.

BOLA knows that the Turkish coach and club are close to an agreement. The president of the giant of Istanbul, Ali Koç, will go to Lisbon to try, once again, to make Jesus accept an invitation made in person, in the Portuguese capital, at the beginning of April.

According to the Turkish press, Ali Koç seduces Jesus with a two-year contract and a substantial salary – around 7/8 million euros, which includes the payment of the technical staff of six assistants (around 1.5 million euros).

Fenerbahçe sit second in the league with two games to play.

Trabzonspor are already champions and the Istanbul side are five points ahead of third-placed Konyaspor. Finishing in second place, Fenerbahçe qualified for the second qualifying round of the Champions League.

Koç plans to regain hegemony in Turkey and to assert itself in Europe.

Still in Brazil, Jesus says he reached “the peak of his career” at Flamengo, “although he coached Benfica, the biggest team in Portugal and one of the biggest in Europe”.

The manager pulled the strings by saying he is the Reds’ ‘most successful’ manager. But the heart will be in Fla: “I have never been in a team where the players loved me so much.

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