LE BAL – “It was the first year of University” (Vizela)

With the unprecedented permanence in the League guaranteed, following the draw (1-1), with Marítimo, in the 33rd round, on May 8, at home, Vizela coach Álvaro Pacheco took stock of the season, in an interview to the BALL.

“After winning tenure, a huge weight came off our shoulders. Undoubtedly! It was a fundamental objective for the club, the county and the city,” he said, confident that Vizela will consolidate in the top flight in 2022/23.

” It is the objective. It’s not easy for a team that hasn’t been in the league for so many years. Next season we will try to consolidate our position. It is important for us to reflect and understand what we can develop to get closer to the best teams in national football. It was the first year of university”, he specifies.

When asked if his way of working and his attitude brought something new to Portuguese football, he fired.

“I was myself, a football fan. I like what I do, I like to be happy and I try to transmit this happiness to those who are with me. Did the phone ring these last days? If they talk about something to make me leave… don’t even think about it! It’s a project we’ve been building for a few years and I believe the best is yet to come.

About a possible renovation, he pointed out.

“I have never spoken to the president about it, but I have no doubt that it will be a matter of time. I look at the project, who carries it and the ambition that exists here, in addition to the people who know where to go. That will take time, but I have no doubt that Vizela will reach this level,” he concluded.

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