LE BAL – Vítor Pereira comments on the controversy Jorge Jesus-Flamengo (Corinthians)

Vítor Pereira commented on the recent controversy generated by the presence of Jorge Jesus in Brazil with Flamengo, causing discomfort to Paulo Sousa when he confessed to wanting to return to the club.

The Corinthians coach was named by Jesus as the best Portuguese coach working in Brazil – there is still Luís Castro in Botafogo – but when asked about it after the 1-0 victory over Bragantino, the coach preferred to do the praise of all the compatriots, relativizing the statements of Jesus, who would have said that he had only waited for May 20 (later a clarification mentioned that Jesus was referring to any club, not only Flamengo).

“I still haven’t heard confirmation of the statements from Jorge Jesus. Talking to others is something I avoid, I like to be in my corner. For me, the other three coaches who are in Brazil have quality. Jorge Jesus himself has a lot of quality, he proved it here in Brazil. Abel Ferreira has proven it. I know Luís Castro very well, we worked at FC Porto, we were there at the same time, he was the training director, I was the coach. Paulo Sousa has made a career abroad with titles, each with their own characteristics and qualities. And with the merit of being here in big teams. That’s what I can say on the subject, ”he began by commenting.

Still on the subject, Vítor Pereira spoke in a competitive world: “Probably a lot of people have come into contact with Paulo, it’s an extremely competitive world. Now, regarding the statements, if they are confirmed, Jesus himself has to explain, who am I to come here and judge Jorge? I’m sure Paulo realizes that it’s an extremely competitive world and we are judged all the time, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I won’t go any further, the coaches are all good, they haven’t parachuted here.

“I didn’t taste anything here, I lost several games, I don’t usually lose many, but I didn’t prepare the team in the best way. It’s working, respecting everyone, being respected and continuing to work,” he concluded.

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