LE BAL – ‘Volte-face’ in renovation: Mário Silva leaves the Azores (Santa Clara)

Mário Silva plays today, in Alvalade, the last match of the technical command of Santa Clara. There was total agreement since last week for the renewal of the contract for another two seasons, an absolute agreement between the parties and even on paper, but it is certain that the situation will not be formalized.

Despite the public position taken by the coach, who has repeatedly said he is satisfied with the Azores and ready to continue the excellent work he has done in recent months, President Ismail Uzun has never signed the document. . The stake is the sale of the participation of the current shareholders, Glen Lau and the Turkish leader himself, to an Asian fund, which will retain the majority (nearly 56%) of the company.

According to data collected by A BOLA, the new management, which will be led by player agent Quim Ribeiro, wants to impose a new coach and leave Mário Silva out of the project, which the current administration has not been able to do. able to counter, despite total agreement to renewal takes place.

Mário Silva arrived in the Azores at the end of the first round, with the team two points above the relegation places. At the start of the final round, the team is in seventh position and has broken a series of records, having lost only to Luz and Dragão. This spectacular recovery has convinced everyone and everything about the skill of Mário Silva and his technical team, but the truth is that the coach will not continue.

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