LE BAL – “When I saw Otamendi get up, I became aware” (Gil Vicente)

Fran Navarro is having a historic season in the service of Gil Vicente. The striker has scored 16 goals in 33 games, a mark that allows him to be the Spanish player with the most goals in his first season in La Liga, leaving behind Mario González, Nolito, Toni Martínez and Rodrigo Moreno.

In an interview with Portuguese football from Spain, Fran Navarro has revealed he didn’t expect to score so many goals in his first season in Portugal: “I was playing in Segunda B with the Valencia branch, so I faced a huge challenge. My main goal was to learn, enjoy and have the best year possible.

The 24-year-old striker praised the Portuguese league: “It’s a very competitive and very demanding league.

Gil Vicente had strong performances against Porto, Sporting, SC Braga and Benfica, including wins at Luz and Braga, and Fran Navarro admitted that sometimes he can’t believe what he’s going through: “The last year I played second B and now I’m here.”

In the win at Luz, Fran Navarro played against Otamendi and Vertonghen, two central defenders with a lot of experience in European football. The Spanish striker recalled when he was younger and saw Otamendi playing for Valencia: “When the ball is rolling, you don’t normally think about it. But if I’m telling the truth, there was a game where I press Otamendi and he falls to the ground and I see a card. Then, as I was watching him get up, I realized. It’s great to face these players, because he was already there. one of Valencia’s best players when I was almost a child.”

Gil Vicente is one of the surprises of the championship, but Fran Navarro confided that the team took time to reach the best level: “It is true that it took time to find each other, but it was a question of time. We are having a very good season with high quality players.

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