LE BALLON – Cristiano Ronaldo wanted in… Botafogo (Brazil)

Cristiano Ronaldo is still loved. Although there are doubts over his continuity at Manchester United and uncertainty over the willingness of future Red Devils manager Erik a Hag counting on the Portuguese star for next season. The oaths of acceptance, however, came from across the Atlantic and from the mouth of a former partner.

Botafogo’s Rafael had an extended spell at United, between 2008 and 2015, and in an interview in Brazil he expressed his admiration for the striker and his joking desire to take Cristiano Ronaldo to the team led by the Portuguese. Louis Castro.

“I’ll be honest, I believe it’s possible. He is not happy. From what I heard they don’t want him either, I don’t know. It’s both ways. Manchester won’t go to the Champions League and they have to see where they go and there’s no point in playing in the Champions League because it won’t solve the problem. He scores a lot of goals, he just doesn’t win. I even think it will come out. Maybe he doesn’t want to play in the Champions League, he intends to play Brasileirão and come to Botafogo. Besides, we are rich, no,” he said, implying that the entry of investor John Textor could open the door to a millionaire contract…

And there is another argument that makes Rafael lean towards a surprising change: “After the arrival of Seedorf, I believe in everything. It was weird when he came, even I couldn’t believe it, being a native of Botafogo. But it went very well. I played a lot. »

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