LE BALLON – “In a normal team, it was no longer possible to have hope! Sa Pinto (Moreirense)

The final round of the League arrives and Moreirense is still looking to discuss his salvation, needing to win and see Tondela stumble with Boavista. This was to fuel a surviving barrage with 3rd place in Liga 2. Sá Pinto meets the opponent of his debut at the controls of the cannons, having led the team to a victory at the house of neighbor Vizela. Having completed a round of the Championship, the coach expects a great moment from his team, which will be accompanied in the result and guarantee of happiness and hope.

“We are going to work on this game to have two more games. The team showed a good level of confidence, did not give up despite many adversities, some of which were bizarre in recent games. I have a group with a strong mentality, a great winning spirit, they knew how to live with undeserved situations and reach the last game with a chance to stay in the league”, underlines Ricardo Sá Pinto, making his admiration more expressive.

“In a normal team, it was not possible! I have no doubts. We don’t deserve a lot of results. We believed even in the face of constant setbacks. They think like me, they are like me, they are winners. Even the washing of the baskets is collected. We will not stop. The spirit is there, the team is well prepared physically and mentally. We know that a tough opponent and a great derby await us. You have to pay attention to the elements up front, which seem to me to be the most decisive players. I hope we are as happy as we were for the first one. Only this result interests us. And let’s hope Tondela doesn’t win so we can continue our fight. It would be a great injustice not to stop there, ”he points out, incredulous at the succession of setbacks.

“I think luck can’t be so mother-in-law, nor can there be so much injustice. The team coped well with the pressure, created chances. We were penalised. Against Estoril , there was a shot and a goal and we had several situations not to mention the penalty. We looked for happiness and it must come, because on the other side we received signs to continue believing. may not be the case! We are a first class team and not a second class!”, guarantees the coach, acknowledging that he is facing the most difficult challenge of his career.

“It’s the most difficult, without a doubt. I had a similar situation at Vasco but the context was different. Here we have everything up to date, an administration that gives us all the conditions. But the Portuguese league is very competitive, there are nine teams in this fight, it’s a matter of detail. These details were not favorable to us. We had our dose but we are still very much alive,” he said.

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