LE BALLON – Under-17 Euro: Portugal begins with a rout against Scotland (Football)

Portugal participated in the European Under-17 Championship in the best possible way, which takes place in Israel. The Portuguese team beat Scotland 4-1, in a match that took place at the Municipal Stadium in Lod.

Goals from Ivan Lima (8′), Dinis Rodrigues (26′), João Veloso (37′, penalty), Afonso Moreira (70′) and Rodrigo Ribeiro (73′) sealed a solid triumph for the Rui Bento (assistant coach and substitute for José Lima, positive for Covid-19). Because the Scots scored Magnus KacKezine in the 62nd minute.

In the other pool match, Sweden edged Denmark 2-1 in the Nordic duel. Portugal is the leader of the group and returns to the field against Sweden, next Friday, from 2:30 p.m.

Game movie:

90. Portugal beat Scotland 5-1. The under-17s have a new match on Friday at 2:30 p.m. against Sweden.

73. Rodrigo Ribeiro, who had just entered, on the first touch of the ball, signed the fifth goal for the national team with a good shot.

69. Afonso Moreira, after a quick counterattack, was isolated and scored Portugal’s fourth goal.

62. Reduced Scotland. Mackienzie, after an individual initiative, beat the Portuguese goalkeeper.

46. ​​The second part begins.

45. Portugal arrive at half-time beating Scotland 3-0.

36. João Veloso signed Portugal’s third with a penalty.

26. Dinis Rodrigues took advantage of Ivan Lima’s left cross to score Portugal’s second.

15. Dinis Rodrigues had everything to score, but his deflection went wide.

8. Ivan Lima gives Portugal the lead at the first opportunity. Rodrigues tried an acrobatic strike, but missed the ball and it was at the mercy of his teammate, who did not miss the opportunity to score.

1. Launch the game.


Scotland: Pazikas, Kingdon, Mackenzie, Allen, McArthur – Cap., Jackson, Rice, Reid, O’Donnell, Moore and Wilson.

Replacements: Mahady, Bruce, Dede, Lobban, Cooper, Miller, Macleod, Laidlaw and Wales.

Portugal: Diogo Fernandes, João Conceição, Diogo Monteiro – Cap., João Moniz, Leonardo Barroso, Dário Essugo, Ussumane Djaló, João Veloso, Ivan Lima, Afonso Moreira and José Dinis Rodrigues,

Replacements: Francisco Silva, Rafael Luís, João Vasconcelos, Manuel Mendonça, Tiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Luís Gomes, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Martim Fernandes.

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