LE BALLON – Who will escape relegation? Vote (League)

Tondela, Moreirense and Belenenses SAD enter the last round of the League in search of maintenance. They play Saturday, starting at 3:30 p.m. Two will be relegated directly, another will have the opportunity to play a play-off with the team ranked third in Liga 2 to be among the greats of Portuguese football.

Tondela and Moreirense play at home, against Boavista and Vizela, while Belenenses SAD will play in Arouca, an emblem which ensured their permanence last Monday, after the defeat of the Blues against Famalicão.

Here are the possible scenarios for the three teams:

Tondela (at this stage with 27 points) guarantees play-offs if:

– Defeat Boavista;

– Draw with Boavista and Moreirense not win;

– Losing to Boavista and Moreirense and Belenenses SAD were also beaten in their respective matches;

– Will be relegated if they are beaten at reception in chess and Moreirense and/or Belenenses SAD win.

Morera (26 points) guarantees the play-off if:

– Beat Vizela and Tondela do not win against Boavista;

– Draw with Vizela, Tondela loses with Boavista (he has an advantage in direct confrontation) and Belenenses SAD does not win;

They are relegated if they lose to Vizela or Tondela beats Boavista;

Belenenses SAD (25 points) guarantees the play-off if:

– Beat Arouca, Tondela loses to Boavista and Moreirense can’t get more than a draw with Vizela.

He is relegated if he draws or loses with Arouca, and if he wins as well as the other two rivals.

BOLA launches the challenge: who will get rid of direct relegation and go to the play-offs? Cast your vote and, if you understand, justify your choice in the comments box below.

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