League: fight for permanence reduced to four and these are the accounts

Vizela ensured this Sunday the maintenance in I Liga, an objective now reduced to a dispute between four clubs, while only Belenenses-Famalicão remain to be fulfilled during the 33rd day of the championship and the entire 34th. and last day, for all that. as for the mathematics at the bottom of the table.

With the defeats of Arouca, Tondela and Moreirense in this round, the possible scenarios at this stage indicate that Arouca (15th) and Belenenses (18th) are the two clubs that depend only on themselves to guarantee the last place. directly into the elite. .

La Tondela, at that time instead of playoffsas well as Moreirense, 17th in a direct descent zone, are not dependent on themselves and only play for 16th place, that of playoffs with third place in League II. In any case, one thing is certain: no one will go down after the 33rd lap.

15th: Arouca, 30 points
16th: Tondela, 27 points
17th: Moreirense, 26 points
18th: Belenenses, 25 years old (minus one game)


33rd day:
Belenenses-Famalicão (Monday, 8:15 p.m.)

34th day:


Arouca guarantees maintenance:
– Already in this round if Belenenses does not beat Famalicão. It is true that they could still be matched by Tondela with 30 points, but the Arouquenses prevail in the direct confrontation with the Beirão (they won 2-0 at home and drew 2-2 at Tondela);
– If Belenenses beats Famalicão, Arouca only has to draw with the Blues in the last lap, to avoid a direct overtaking, keeping 15th place.

Arouca goes to playoffs:
– If Belenenses beats Famalicão and if, in the last round, the Arouquenses are beaten by the Blues.

Tondela guarantees the playoffs:
– If they beat Boavista, hoping that Belenenses, at most, add four points in the two games they have left.
– If they draw with Boavista, hoping that Moreirense does not win and that Belenenses, at most, scores three points in the two remaining games (if there is a tie at 28 points, the beirões win in the direct confrontation with the blues: they won in Jamor 2-0 and there was 1-1 in Tondela)
– If they lose to Boavista, they need Moreirense to lose and Belenenses to score no more than two points in the remaining two games (remember the favorable direct confrontation against the blues, which in this case would be 27 points) .

Moreirense guarantees the playoffs:
– If they beat Vizela, hoping that Tondela does not beat Boavista and that Belenenses, at most, scores four points in the two games they miss (with 29 points tied with the blues, the cannons win in direct confrontation: they won 4-1 at Moreira de Cónegos and 1-1 at Jamor).
– If they draw with Vizela, hoping that Tondela loses against Boavista and Belenenses doesn’t score more than two points in the two games they have left (with 27 points tied between Moreirense, Tondela and Belenenses, that’s the Minho who takes over better).

Belenenses guarantees maintenance:
– If and only if you win both matches, with Famalicão and with Arouca.

Belenenses goes to playoffs:
– If they add four points in the two games they have left, Tondela and Moreirense must not win in the last round.
– If they score three points in their two remaining matches, Tondela and Moreirense must lose on the last matchday

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