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Dusseldorf- Looks (almost) like Lego, but it’s not Lego. Can it be?

The stone war raged outside the Düsseldorf district court on Friday. To be more precise, the terminal blocks. Because that’s what the Lego bricks are called, even if they don’t come from the Danish manufacturer.

The toy merchant Klahold in front of his shop

The toy merchant Klahold in front of his shop “Steinmachendes”, where he sells clamping blocks from China

Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa

Now the billion-dollar group wants to ban retailer Thomas Klahold (48) from Paderborn (NRW) from selling cheap plastic building blocks and figurines from a Chinese manufacturer. Because they look too much like the original.

Too similar?  Here is the original Lego...

Too similar? Here is the original Lego…

Photo: PR

... and here the numbers from China

… and here the numbers from China

Photo: PR

In another lawsuit, the court has already clarified: The design of the Lego figures cannot be copied in Germany.

And what does the dealership say? Klahold: “I don’t blame Lego for the 3D brand, I’ve played with it myself. I just want to be able to serve part of the market and I’m careful not to import 1:1 minifigures like Lego minifigures. I looking for characters that look far removed from the original.”

Looks Great: The Lego Trooper...

Looks Great: The Lego Trooper…

Photo: PR

...and Private Qman

…and Private Qman

Photo: PR

He does not even offer others, even if they are delivered to him from China. Can the court be convinced?

The dispute relates to a container worth 60,000 euros and a violation of trademark law. Decision on July 15.

Modbrix set

The Modbrix “Almhütte” set (640 wedges) is available from 27.95 euros

Photo: private

rich in stones! We are the Lego family

In the 1930s, Dane Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958) ran into financial difficulties with his carpentry business and made extra money with wooden toys.

He then moved on to plastic bricks, which his son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (1920-1995) patented. Today, grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his three children own 75% of the shares – and are extremely wealthy. In 2020, Lego achieved 5.9 billion euros in turnover!

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