From barbecue thermometers to GPS drones to a Bluetooth party system: From Monday, May 23, Aldi will once again have some interesting tech offers for you to check out. Customers should not miss the highlights.

Aldi North and South: New tech items from May 23

BBQ season has started and we’re all spending more time outdoors. Appropriately, Aldi has many new technology items offered, which can soften the beginning of summer for us. We have summarized the highlights for you.

We at Aldi Nord recommend that you take a look at these products:

    • Boston Pro 3 R Turbo Gas Grill for 249 euros instead of 549 euros. Three continuously adjustable stainless steel burners and an 800 degree turbo zone are included. You can read more about the gas grill here.
    • BBQ thermometer for 9.99 euros. Precise cooking becomes child’s play with the thermometer. The screen is illuminated, a battery is included. The magnetic surface and the bottle opener are part of the thermometer.
    • Bluetooth-Party-Soundsystem for 89.99 euros. 2 × 220 watts are available here as output power. Several light effects via surrounding LEDs are included. Control is carried out via a mobile phone or tablet.
For the next party: the Bluetooth audio system at Aldi. (Image source: Aldi)
  • insect catcher for 2.99 euros. This allows insects to be caught alive and removed. Batteries are not required.
  • Smart-TV at Hisense for 289 euros instead of 399 euros. The Full HD TV has a diagonal of 40 inches (101 cm) and is offered with a 27% discount. You can read more about the Hisense TV here.
  • Foldable GPS Drone for 269 euros instead of 349 euros. Maginon’s QC-120 GPS Drone has been reduced by 22%. A Rollei 4K camera and a 2-axis gimbal are included.
  • Rückfahrkamera for 89.99 euros. This reversing camera from the manufacturer Auto XS can provide more security. The LCD screen is 5 inches (12.7 cm).

What do you know about Aldi?

Aldi Süd also has new offers ready:

    • Voucher cards with 10% discount. For Conrad, Toom and the PlayStation Store there are voucher cards worth 25 euros for 22.50 euros. Other denominations are also available. Only available in branch.
    • Akku-Rasentrimmer for 29.99 euros. The lawn can be mowed without a cable. Two cutting knives and a quadruple adjustment of the cutting angle are included.
    • Cordless hedge trimmer for 34.99 euros. The battery-powered hedge trimmer manages up to 2,800 revolutions per minute. Running time is up to 60 minutes.
The cordless hedge trimmer costs 34.99 euros at Aldi. (Image source: Aldi)
  • electric scarifier for 89.99 euros. This scarifier from the manufacturer Ferrex also works without cables or gasoline. Power is given at a maximum of 1,500 watts.
  • Battery for Ferrex products for 17.99 euros. A suitable battery is essential for the grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and scarifier.
  • Universal charger for Ferrex products for 14.99 euros. Finally, the charger for Ferrex Li-ion batteries. A 20V battery can be charged in 45 minutes.

Old offers at Aldi Nord and Süd (from 19.5)

At the end of May at the latest, many are wondering what the new barbecue season will look like. Aldi provides some support, as there is the same several gas grills for sale – alongside an electric grill cart. But even apart from that, it’s worth taking a look at the upcoming products, which will be available in the online store from May 19 and some locally in branches.

We at Aldi Nord recommend that you take a look at these products:

  • S330G gas grill for 379 euros instead of 599 euros. Three stainless steel burners are included here, each with an output of 3.5 kW.
  • S530G gas grill for 449 euros instead of 749 euros. The big brother of the S330G is reduced by 40%. It has five stainless steel burners instead of three and is therefore a little wider. You can read more about the pros and cons of this gas grill here.
  • MD10864 Electric Grill Cart for 149 euros instead of 179 euros. Equipped with a steel grill hood and two side tables, there is the 2000 watt grill cart.
Aldi’s electric grill cart at 149 euros. (Image source: Aldi)
  • Battery cleaning brush from Quigg for 24.99 euros. The extensive set of several brushes has a runtime of 90 minutes thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.
  • Tesvor X500 robot vacuum cleaner for 149 euros instead of 219.99 euros. The robot vacuum cleaner, which offers a battery life of 120 minutes, is suitable for hard floors and medium-height carpets.
  • Ceezam video doorbell for 39.99 euros. The doorbell with HD camera is connected to the home WLAN and sends notifications to the mobile phone.
  • Trekking-E-Bike von Prohete for 1099 euros. The e-bike, which has a 250 watt motor, is available in men’s and women’s versions.

Aldi Süd also has new offers ready:

  • LED solar street light for 9.99 euros. The two white LEDs and the two colored LEDs light up for five to eight hours.
  • solar shower for 99.99 euros. The water in the outdoor shower is heated by the sun. A large monsoon showerhead is included. The solar shower is also available from Aldi Nord.