Lucas Veríssimo and the injury: ‘It’s very ugly to see, it gives chills’ – Benfica

Lucas Veríssimo’s recovery from a serious injury – sprained right knee with rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament – is delayed and, according to Record advanced this week, the return to the field can only take place towards the end of the year. Too long a wait for the Brazilian midfielder who, in an interview with BTV (broadcast this Wednesday at 5 p.m.), reveals that he still does not see the images of this November match against Sp. Braga. “I feel very fulfilled today, because I am in a big club in Europe, for me one of the biggest. I am very satisfied where I am, it has fulfilled my dream of reaching the team Unfortunately, one of the worst happened to me, in the blink of an eye, everything fell apart… My wife was upset, she saw it on TV, and to this day, I can’t even look straight. It’s very ugly to look at. It gives me chills. It all fell apart and now it’s pretty much started all over again… my wife said to me, ‘something in has your life been easy? You’ll come back stronger”. I’ve been told this many times, but I thought it was only lip service, but I really saw that others came back stronger and now I’m going to be able to work on things for which I didn’t have time before I came back stronger,” he said. And he went on to point out the game that ‘hit’ him the most in that absence from the pitch.”[A 1.ª mão dos quartos de final da Liga dos Campeões] With Liverpool… The trip to the stadium, the public, the atmosphere… Not that the other matches weren’t there, but this one touched us more deeply. I wanted to live indoors and I really did. ‘Damn… you could be there’, I thought. It’s about being patient.”

“I came to be a champion, winning titles here is my greatest desire and I’m sure I will defeat it,” he concluded.

Veríssimo knocked on the door of the infirmary on November 7, 2021, after being injured in front of Sp. Braga, in the 11th round, in a bid in which he tried to stop Galeno. Although initial predictions point to an eight-to-ten-month downtime, returning between July and September, the injury will keep the centre-back out for longer, and he may not be fully fit until December, which means that the Brazilian will take more than a year of recovery. Thus, 26-year-old Veríssimo will not only miss pre-season under Roger Schmidt’s orders, but also around four months of competition in 2022/23.

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