Lucid with Europe price and range for Air electric car >

Even a Mercedes EQS in the more expensive AMG 53 4Matic+ variant cannot be brought at this price: If you select absolutely all options and extras for the German electric car than the online configurator, which is painfully slow for such a project , allows without conflict, you get 215,110.35 euros, of which about 40% is for a long list of special equipment. But it is still a little below the price that the American startup Lucid Motors is now asking for its Air electric car, which is also in the luxury segment, in Germany: as in the United States, it should initially only be available only in Dream Edition – and in this country cost 218,000 euros. However, the Lucid Air outperforms the previous Mercedes EQS record holder even further in terms of range.

First studio for Lucid Air in Munich

Rumor has it that Lucid wants to deliver the first Air Dream Edition to Germany as the first market in Europe in the middle of this year, the company has now officially announced that it will be late 2022. According to a statement, “a very limited number” of its electric cars will also go to the Netherlands and Switzerland in addition to Germany and will come to Norway.This week the first Lucid Studio in Europe is to be opened in Munich (see photo above) – as initially at Tesla in an expensive city. According to the company, further showrooms in German cities and the other three departure countries and later in other European countries are planned for this year.

Despite the high price, the opening of the studio in Munich and the confirmation of the first Air deliveries in 2022 do not mean that you can still hope to get a Grand Edition as a new customer. Reservations for this one are closed, and only those who already have one will now be asked if it should become a firm order. Lucid plans to announce European prices for less-equipped flights later this year. As an estimate, the current report already contains around 100,000 euros for the basic Pure variant in Germany.

However, there will not be the new record range that Lucid gives in its press release for the first time as an estimated value according to the European WLTP standard. With the EQS and up to 769 kilometres, Mercedes had set a new standard well above the Tesla Model S (which hasn’t been new to Europe since early 2021 anyway). With the Air Dream Edition, however, Lucid will clearly bring the crown of the European range back to the USA: around 900 kilometers are mentioned. It’s so much more than Mercedes that it’s fair to overlook the fact that, according to a footnote, that estimate applies to the Air with 19-inch rims, even though the Dream Edition runs on 21-inch wheels as standard.

Autonomy ahead of Mercedes EQS and Tesla Model S

In the USA it is already official that the Lucid Air goes much further than the Model S or EQS according to the EPA standard there. At the same time, it also charges faster than both: up to 300 kilowatts instead of 250 kilowatts for Tesla and 200 kilowatts for Mercedes. From a purely electric car point of view, the Mercedes EQS has nothing ahead of its new American competitor, for which it can also pay more. The Air Grand Touring, which also offers EPA ranges of more than 800 kilometers, costs only about 18% less than the limited Dream Edition in the United States, and the discount in Europe should be just as moderate. In most cases, you’d still find yourself above Mercedes’ level – but at least the Lucid Air also accelerates much faster than the EQS itself in its AMG version.

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