Manchester United are cutting wages and even Cristiano Ronaldo is not escaping


The workforce, including Cristiano Ronaldo, will suffer in the pocket the absence of the Champions. In the case of CR7, it will be 113 thousand euros less per week.

What will end as Manchester United’s worst season in the Premier League (since 1992/93) will not only be painful for the fans – it could well be said that it will also come out of the pockets of the players, who will suffer wage cuts which , in some cases, can reach a quarter of the salary.

The news appeared in the English press, the day after the Red Devils’ heavy defeat (4-0) at Brighton, which will prevent the team of Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Dalot from qualifying above sixth place in the championship. in progress, for Lack of course, therefore, outside the places of access to the next Champions League.

Some player contracts include clauses for pay cuts if the Old Trafford club fail to qualify for Europe’s top competition due to loss of income. Suffice it to say, the maximum you can earn in the Europa League is less than the Champions League attendance bonuses. And the name of Cristiano Ronaldo was the first to be mentioned as a target of these cuts, not only because of the type of contract but also because he is the highest paid player in the Premier League.

The “Daily Mail” even mentions that for the first time in many years, the Portuguese will earn less than 350,000 euros (300,000 pounds) per week. From the current €450,000 per week, it would rise to around €337,000. That, of course, if CR7 stays at Manchester United next season. Goalkeeper De Gea, for example, will drop from €438,000 to €333,000 per week with the 25% reduction. The Spaniard has experienced a similar situation at the club before, finishing sixth in 2018/19. At the time, the players were negotiating with the club for less drastic cuts, “betting” on the classification of the following championship, in which United were third.

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