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First, Mariupol was reduced to rubble by Putin’s troops for weeks – now the port city is apparently threatened by a brutal occupation regime!

Apparently Kremlin dictator Putin (69) wants his sleuth, dem, to rule the beleaguered city Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (45), on the left. The Chechen leader is seen as one of the warmonger’s most brutal supporters.

According to Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainian authorities have received indirect confirmation that the Russian armed forces intend to hand over Mariupol to pro-Russian Chechen paramilitaries. As a source, the newspaper cites the statements of the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko.

Andryushchenko wrote on the Messenger service Telegram that he was told from the Russian environment that the new “supervisors” of the city would come from Chechnya. “Some pieces of the puzzle of what the occupiers plan to do with Mariupol” would become “a little clearer.”

“Mariupol turned out to be too hostile and nationalistic. In order to intimidate and suppress the resistance, Mariupol is handed over to the kadyrovists. Including the port and the right to plunder. We have now received partial confirmation of this,” said Andryushchenko.

Explosive: According to Andriushchenko, yesterday, May 17, the first meeting between the head of the occupation and the Duma deputy Dmitry Sablin and the Chechens Adam Delimkhanov and Ahmed Dolgayev took place in Mariupol.

Plans for the “Restoration of Mariupol” were discussed here.

“The Kadyrovites were appointed as hosts and the program for the meeting was more like an assessment and inventory of what was left than a ‘restoration plan,'” the mayor’s adviser said.

In April, the Chechens staged a crazy propaganda show in Mariupol

It wouldn’t be the first time that Kadyrov and his fighters have bullied the port city of Mariupol. Last April, the Chechen leader posted a video on his Telegram channel in which nearly 50 fighters pose in front of a city ruin.

The Islamists were brutal, shouting battle cries – including “Allahu Akbar” (English: “God is great”). In the background, flames rose from a destroyed administrative building of the Azovstal steelworks. The message: WE control the city.

Chechen fighters posed in a video in front of a ruin in MariupolFoto: @whitenights_ro

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Chechen fighters posed in a video in front of a ruin in MariupolPhoto: @whitenights_ro

However, observers had serious doubts as to whether Chechen troops actually played as large a role in the Battle of Mariupol as the footage suggested.

Kadyrov himself praised his “brave fighters” and said: “Mariupol is ours!

But: Kadyrov has already suffered heavy losses from his men. Just two days after Putin invaded Ukraine, his general and close aide Magomed Tushaev was killed by soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard. The general was known as a brutal “gay hunter”.

After weeks of fighting for the Azov steelworks in the port city of Mariupol, a fierce struggle now looms for the future of the city and Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russia.

On Tuesday night, more than 260 Ukrainian fighters, including 50 seriously injured, were kidnapped from the Azov steel industrial complex. They surrendered and are now in Russian captivity. Moscow claimed on Wednesday that 959 Ukrainian fighters have now surrendered from steel mills.

As soon as the last Ukrainian troops abandoned their position in the steelworks, the port city of Mariupol would fall entirely into Russian hands. It would be the largest city conquered by Russia since the start of the war of aggression against Ukraine.

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