Matheus Nunes’ godfather confirms Record news: ‘If you want to stay at Sporting, you’re happy’ – Sporting

The midfielder is a strong candidate for a millionaire transfer this summer but ‘he thinks he still has a lot to give to the club’

Sporting’s qualification for the Champions League, for the second consecutive year, is a major asset in the sense of trying to maintain the structure of the team for next season, namely the most coveted players. At the top of the list, and despite being a strong candidate for a millionaire transfer this summer, Matheus Nunes is delighted at the possibility of staying at Alvalade for another season, because Record reported this Tuesday in its paper edition. Speaking to Rádio Renascença, the godfather of Matheus Nunes confirms the information provided by our newspaper. “Concrete things are happening now: he has a contract with Sporting. If there is a proposal, the decision to sell or not will always go through the club. Therefore, he does not have to fuss”, begins by saying Humberto Salvador, ensuring that the 23-year-old Portuguese international is in tune with the club. “If he is going to stay at Sporting, he is happy. If the opportunity arises to go to a great European, if Sporting is negotiating and he wants to go, if they are in tune, he things are happening”, pleads the relative of the number 8 of Sporting, which is referenced by clubs like Newcastle or Manchester City.


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Humberto Salvador adds that Matheus Nunes ‘thinks he still has a lot to give to the club’ and reinforces that ‘at the moment there is nothing’ to leave Alvalade. “He is a Sporting player and he has four years left on his contract. Whatever the situation, he will assess the project if it is also interesting for him. But it makes no sense to talk about something that is not a reality, there is nothing concrete, there are no proposals”, also underlines the leader of Ericeirense, before defending that the growth of Matheus “has been stratospheric”, because ” four years ago, he was fighting over the quarters of AF Lisboa”. “But he always kept his feet on the ground. He knows where he has to go and where he has to work to get there,” he concludes.

By Vitor Almeida Gonçalves


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