Miguel Braga: ‘Sérgio Conceição went to the press room to lie and play dumb’ – Sporting

Sporting communications director responds to FC Porto coach

The League proposes sanctions for Sérgio Conceição, Vítor Baía and Rui Cerqueira following verbal insults to Frederico Varandas at the Estádio do Dragão, after the draw with Sporting in Liga Bwin (2-2). The case is now before the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, a situation which leads Sérgio Conceição to say that this accusation is based on the testimony of “five people linked to Sporting”. These comments have now been commented on by Sporting communications director Miguel Braga, who accused the Dragons coach of “lying and pretending” in front of journalists. “Sérgio Conceição’s words shocked me. No one takes away his sporting merit, he is a great coach and someone with responsibilities who has represented the national team. The big question is how he got the cheek to say that he was not there and he verbally insulted the president of Sporting…. I was there and I saw him! We all have our bad moments, but we must take responsibility and assume the fouls. He went to the press room to lie and play dumb. On the pitch I understand the emotion, but it already makes me more confused in the cold because I could have devalued the situation. I don’t think so that he has memory problems… Were not there either Vítor Baía and Rui Cerqueira? the president disappeared by magic arts? I know that in Dragão there are many magic arts” , said the manager, in the program “Raio-X”, broadcast on Sporting TV, where he underlined the difference between the elements of the two clubs in the whole trial ssus: “Our players admitted they did it and were punished. Pepe wasn’t even punished. I remember that Carlos Noronha, doctor of the Portuguese Football Federation appointed by FC Porto, confirmed the injury of Hugo Viana and said that it was caused by the studs of a shoe… the referee l saw too! It’s a matter of integrity! Maybe it was also Matheus who hit a chair. Trying to ridicule us, it’s just not possible. Just look at the different cases of Sporting players. It’s sad to see these behaviors at the end of the season. Don’t think that there are only five witnesses from Sporting, there is the police report which confirms the presence of Sérgio Conceição”.


On the sidelines of this subject, Miguel Braga also commented on the formalization of Porro’s contract and the farewell of Pablo Sarabia, starting with the reference to the side.

“Porro over the past two years has shown his worth and I think he fulfills the metrics for those who love football. It was the right decision because Porro also valued himself with a lion on his chest,” he said, before commenting on Sarabia’s farewell. recorded at the end of the match with Santa Clara last Saturday: “It was a nice farewell with a particular focus on the 17th minute. Sarabia came from another reality where she lived with the stars of PSG, but she adapted well to the manager and his colleagues. It is a source of pride to see a Spanish international feel like a real family. We won’t forget him and I don’t think he will forget us either.”

By Joao Soares Ribeiro


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