Model accuses Corinthians player of rape: ‘It’s like he’s been run over’ – Brazil

A 25-year-old woman accuses Robson Bambu, a Brazilian player from Nice on loan to Corinthians, of rape. The young woman told the details of what happened on the UOL website and says that it all happened in a hotel in São Paulo. The saleswoman and model, who remains anonymous, says she was invited by Wellington, known as ‘Pezinho’, to a party and there she met Robson, a 24-year-old defender, who bonded with one of his friends. The four went to a hotel in São Paulo where she and “Pezinho” stayed in one room, and her friend and the Corinthians defender in the other.

The young woman admits having ingested “two or three glasses of vodka” and admits not remembering anything after having slept with ‘Pezinho’.

“The only thing I remember is sleeping with ‘Pezinho’. We were together. After that, I don’t remember anything else. Suddenly I woke up and saw Robson on top of me, completely naked, with his hand inside me,” he reminds UOL. “I was naked too. I looked to the side and saw ‘Pezinho’ looking at everything,” she says.

The young woman – who said that morning having missed a job as a photographer – says she jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly. Then she went in search of her friend, who was still sleeping. “Robson came after me and took me to the room where my friend was. She opened the door not understanding what was going on. I explained to her and Robson started arguing with me, saying that I I misunderstood everything, that he and ‘Pezinho’ were just talking. He said he had a daughter and he had no reason to.

The woman then returned home. “While I was taking a shower, I realized that I had been raped. I called my friend, but she took a long time to check her mobile phone. So I went to the police station alone. During the period when I was there, I doubted myself. But I was not afraid to report it”, she explains, through tears.

“The police station is cold, there is a cold environment. But I was so anesthetized that I didn’t feel anything. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t thirsty, even though I had been at the police station and in the hospital all day. I only felt pain the next day after I slept. It was as if I had been crushed,” adds the model.

Since the complaint, the woman says that work has been her main distraction. “I work to forget, I work day and night. It’s the only thing that gets me out of this routine a bit. But I haven’t worked well and the company often pushes me away. I don’t watch TV , I have difficulty sleeping and eating, I use my cell phone for work, I can’t do anything else but that, I have a ten year old daughter and a two year old son and I can’t care for them.”

Robson Bambu made his debut for Corinthians on March 20, 2022, just over a month after the lawsuit was filed. The player’s defense denies the allegations and regrets that the woman spoke about the case. “Facts, testimonies and evidential videos concerning his innocence and the probable reasons which led the plaintiff to lie have already been added to the file. The case is already duly conducted by the public authorities. The merits of the case constitute a breach of professional secrecy. , lack of respect for the police and the prosecution and procedural disturbances. Pitching public opinion against public officials and exposing the player to reputational damage are low-level embarrassment strategies.

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