Moscow probably sends officers to the front

The Russian army has already suffered heavy losses in the war against Ukraine. Now officers are supposed to fight on the front line. This approach represents a great danger for Moscow.

According to British intelligence, Moscow is apparently sending high-ranking officers to the front in the war against Ukraine. However, there is no indication so far that the presence of these officers in combat has led to an improved operational concept, the British Ministry of Defense said in an update on Sunday. Planning errors would continue to undermine any Russian advance.

The secret service sees the reason why Moscow is now resorting to officers in the face of heavy losses suffered by Russian troops. According to the report, however, Russia’s strategy also results in disproportionate casualties among Russian officers.

Many Russian generals also fell

Many Russian generals have already lost their lives in the Ukrainian war and, according to experts, Moscow has already lost almost half of its high-ranking military personnel in combat. Wolfgang Richter, security policy expert at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), saw several reasons for this in an interview with t-online: “One of the reasons is that Ukraine is fighting a very good electronic fight” , says Richter. You can find out electronically where the sources of the radio conversations are coming from and then attack the corresponding command posts, where the generals are then.

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