MotoGP, 2022: Dorna reminds Suzuki of its obligations

By Ricardo Ferreira on May 3, 2022 7:59 PM

Pending Suzuki’s official statement confirming the brand’s departure from MotoGP at the end of the year, Dorna Sports has officially reacted to the rumour, reminding the Japanese brand that it cannot break its contract so easily.

Rumors from Jerez on Monday announcing Suzuki’s final departure from MotoGP at the end of the year particularly surprised Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. While the championship is living its golden age, with six factories capable of vying for victory and a splendid spectacle on the track, the departure of Suzuki is obviously bad news. Especially since this is not the first time that the Japanese manufacturer has done so. But above all, Dorna would like to remind you that a contract commits the brand to MotoGP until 2026 and that it cannot be broken so easily. The Grand Prix promoter also takes the opportunity to remind that if Suzuki really left the scene, he would think of introducing a new team to maintain the grid at 24 motorcycles. And several candidates are clearly interested…

The Dorna Communiqué

“Following recent rumors that Suzuki would leave MotoGP at the end of the season, Dorna Sports has officially contacted the factory to remind them that the terms of the contract, signed between the two parties, do not allow them to take such a decision within a reasonable time. unilateral.

However, if Suzuki reaches an agreement, Dorna Sports will assess the ideal number of riders and teams on the ground in MotoGP from 2023.

Dorna Sports continues to generate strong interest from manufacturers and independent teams keen to join MotoGP: a category followed by millions of fans around the world that embodies both innovation and spectacle, with races hotly contested; interest from these parties has been reconfirmed within the past 24 hours.

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