Mourinho: “The Conference League final is the most important of my career”

Next Wednesday (25), Roma will discuss with Feyenoord, in Tirana (Albania), winner of the first edition of the Conference League and José Mourinho stressed that this match will have a very special place in his coaching career.

“It’s the most important final of my career, we really wanted it. I’ve played the others, this one hasn’t been played yet and I want to win it,” he said at a UEFA-sponsored press conference to kick off the Conference League final. next week.

“Playing a final is always important. We will get there after 15 games, we paid for this commitment in the league and that’s also why we want to win. We started in August, we traveled a lot, we had difficult games, especially away,” added the Portuguese coach, who sought to calm any euphoria, recalling that before this match, Roma had closed the Italian League with Torino, and could still finish 5th or 8th. , at worst.

“In 2010, at Inter, before the Champions League final, we knew we would have a decisive match for Shield and that’s all we thought about. Here we are talking about the final against Feyenoord, but first we have a game in Turin.

On the verge of finishing a year ahead of Roma, Mourinho was asked if he could imagine staying many more years ahead of the Giallorossi and, basically, representing for the team in the Italian capital the same as Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United. “Ferguson was over 20 and it would take me 79 to get there… It will be difficult, maybe he will reach 70, but 79 will be difficult,” he said cheerfully. .

Recall that Mourinho has a contract with Roma for three years and it is precisely for this time window that he was aiming for. “I love being here in Rome, it shows and feels. I accepted a three-year project profile and then we will see what the profile will be after three years. I think I’m going to stay here for these three years and I don’t think I’ll leave before,” he said, recalling the usual instability of football. “In football, what matters is today and, at most, tomorrow.”

Giallorossi’s coach was also asked about the fact that two so-called ‘old guard’ managers are in the European final this season: he and Carlo Ancelotti, who is going to the Champions League final for Real Madrid. “They ‘killed you’ too soon?” Asked a journalist. “With Carlo, when he coached Everton, you knew he wasn’t going to win the Champions League. With me, on the contrary, they expected me to win and that didn’t happen. I never worried about it. I don’t think about new generations. I think quality and quality have nothing to do with age and that also applies to players. There are good players in 20s and 40s. The goal that Quagliarella scored at 40, I would like some of my people, at 20, to do the same. Between coaches, there is no age: there is passion and if it misses, it’s over. When we stop feeling the pressure before those games, it means we’re finished.”

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