Mourinho, “the luck of certain coaches” and a possible reinforcement: “Fantastic player”


Statements by the Portuguese Roma coach to Sky Sports.

Nemanja Matic is at the end of his contract with Manchester United and his departure from the club is already certain. The Serbian midfielder, who has already shone in the service of Benfica, has been appointed to Roma. Asked about the subject, José Mourinho chose not to open the game too much.

“I don’t like talking about other players, I don’t think it’s good for me or for the club. Everyone knows my relationship with Matic, he’s one of those I trust. We won and fought together at United. He’s a fantastic player, but that’s the kind of response that’s not good for me or the player,” he said, in statements to Sky Sports.

“In this second half of the season, in the winter market, we have made small changes in the team. But I don’t have the same luck as some coaches, who can buy whatever they want,” said said Mourinho about the reinforcements of the Italian club.

On the future, the coach commented: “Everything is very calm because I still have two years left on my contract. The club hasn’t approached me to renew, so as not to put me in a difficult situation. “acceptance or non-acceptance. Everything is calm, stable And that’s how it should be.”

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