NATO must overcome its veto against Finland and Sweden

DNATO is an alliance of democratic states based on common values ​​- this is a self-declaration of the alliance that is only nearly correct. Because there is a country in their ranks where the opposition is just as oppressed as in Russia: Turkey.

It has also long been an unreliable partner in security policy. This is reflected in far-reaching military decisions, such as the acquisition of a Russian air defense system, as well as a long list of impudence towards allies. They have also been directed at Germany, for example when Turkey banned parliamentarians from visiting Bundeswehr soldiers in Incirlik five years ago.

Given this history, it is surprising that NATO was caught off guard by Turkey’s threat to block the admission of Sweden and Finland. For the Russian regime it is a small party, for the West it is an embarrassment that can turn into something much worse if the dispute is not resolved.

This probably necessitates morally dubious offers to Turkey. It’s an impertinence, but if the alliance were to paralyze or break with Turkey, the price would be even higher. Both would be a major win for Moscow. To support democratic Ukraine, NATO cannot avoid getting along with the dictator in its own ranks.

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