Nazi wedding in Mexico – man marries in SS uniform – BZ Berlin

It’s a scene that leaves you speechless. She wears a white dress, he wears an SS uniform. Hideous Nazi wedding in Mexico.

By Marcus Heil

Guests throw colorful flowers in the town of Tlaxcala. People applaud. Here Josefina married her husband Fernando, a civil servant with a passion for National Socialism.

The couple kissed while wearing SS runes on their collars and posed with a camouflaged VW Beetle with a swastika flag. Several guests also wore uniforms and swastikas could be seen, reports the newspaper “Milenio”.

The man and woman are said to have chosen the date precisely because it was the 77th wedding anniversary of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler. An official wedding took place six years ago.

According to ‘Milenio’, the groom, who allegedly belongs to a club of Hitler sympathizers, said: “I know that for many people Hitler is a genocide, a symbol of racism and violence.”

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The Mexican groom then falsely claims that they are misinformed. In fact, the German people loved the “Führer”, he lifted the country out of poverty and returned to them the territories lost in the First World War, and he was also a vegetarian.

He had come to the christenings of his children, allegedly named after great Nazis, in uniform, and he thinks the word Nazi is a Hollywood invention.

Ariel Gelblung, head of the Wiesenthal Center for Latin America: “Our institution strongly condemns the distortion and trivialization of the memory of the six million Jewish brothers and sisters who were murdered during the Holocaust, and the contempt for those who deny or falsify history”, as well as all those who participated in this despicable contempt.

The organization hopes that the Mexican authorities will now act.

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