Netto makes it easier to pay at the checkout: this innovation will please customers

In fact, everyone wants to save when shopping and apps in supermarkets are designed accordingly. If you shop at Netto often, it’s definitely worth checking out the app for Android and iOS. Don’t forget a new feature at checkout:

Coupons available in the web application can now be redeemed fully automatically. So instead of cutting coupons from flyers or activating individual product cashback campaigns in the app, you can now get maximum savings at checkout with just three clicks:

  • Open the Internet application on your smartphone
  • Tap “Pay” in the app.
  • A four-digit code including a QR code appears in the “Coupons and points” area, with which all available coupons are automatically activated.
  • You can now show the four-digit code at the checkout during the payment process or scan the QR code at self-service checkouts.
  • The available coupons are then automatically credited to your purchase.
  • By the way: Redeeming the coupon via the mobile phone app works regardless of how you ultimately want to pay.

Data protection in the Internet application

The application uses user tracking and uses data for personalized advertising.
The application uses user tracking and uses data for personalized advertising.

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To fully use the Internet application, you must create a free user account and use it to log into the application. Also, you need to select the net marketplace where you are shopping. An analysis of the Netto Android app shows that four Google trackers are included: Analytics, CrashLytics, Firebase Analytics and Tag Manager.

The data protection declaration for the Internet application is clearly structured and up-to-date, in addition to Google tracking, usage tracking by Adjust and Facebook Audience Manager is also mentioned. Personal data and information about your purchases are used for personalized advertising in the app. Location data should only be stored anonymously. Personal data may be passed on to third parties for competitions.

There should be no transfer of data to third countries outside the EU. If no other legal provisions exist, the stored data must be deleted after 90 days. The customer account can be deleted via the app.

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