++ News about the war in Ukraine ++ Ukrainian troops advance from Kharkiv to the border

Great Britain: heavy losses for the Russian ground forces

9:30 a.m.: British military intelligence estimates that Russia may have lost around a third of the ground forces deployed to invade Ukraine in February. “Despite initial small advances, Russia has made no substantial territorial gains in recent months, while suffering persistently high losses,” the UK Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

Governor: Missile attack on the Lviv region

7:20 a.m.: According to the Ukrainian authorities, a rocket attack took place on Sunday morning in the Lviv region. As the governor, Maxim Kosizki, announced on the Telegram messaging service, the military infrastructure was affected. It is still unclear whether anyone was killed or injured. The extent of the destruction has yet to be determined. Lviv is located in western Ukraine, not far from the Polish border.

Great Britain: Russian offensive in the stalls of Donbass

7:53 a.m.: British military intelligence sees the Russian offensive in the Donbass far behind the original schedule. “Under current conditions, it is unlikely that Russia will be able to significantly accelerate its advance in the next 30 days,” the British military said in its Twitter situation report.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: “They kill, rape and destroy”

7:01 a.m.: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed skepticism about a ceasefire with Russia. “There is nothing wrong with a ceasefire if it is the first step towards a solution where Ukrainian territory is liberated,” Kuleba said in an interview with Bild TV on Saturday evening. “But we will not accept that there is a partial separation of territory.” He stressed, “We are ready for diplomacy, but we will not allow diplomacy to simply prolong our suffering and simply postpone the next phase of the war.”

Kuleba called on Germans to accept the consequences of sanctions against Russia: “Sometimes it is cheaper to help someone else and suffer a short period of deprivation than to sit at home, watch the television and do nothing, just allow the problem to knock on your own door.” Ukraine had offered a fair deal: “Give us everything we need and we will contain Russia and defeat it in Ukraine so that it never knocks on your door.”

Dmytro Kuleba: Ukraine's foreign minister has expressed skepticism about a ceasefire with Russia.
Dmytro Kuleba: Ukraine’s foreign minister has expressed skepticism about a ceasefire with Russia. (Source: photothek/imago-images-pictures)

Kuleba also condemned the Russian war in the strongest terms: “What surprised me was how ruthless they are, how many atrocities they commit. They cannot fight and win a just war, that is why they kill, rape and destroy.” Kuleba added: “In Ukraine, we don’t even call Russians animals because animals behave better than Russians.”

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