“Night Wolves” arrested in Berlin – police trouble for Putin rockers – national news

Berlin- Putin’s “Night Wolves” Rockers Eliminated!

Of the 150 Russian motorcyclists announced, only 15 arrived in Berlin yesterday – and with a delay too. Immediately after the national border, they were met around 3 p.m. by a police vehicle check. Two vehicles were confiscated.

The rockers actually wanted to commemorate the fallen Soviet soldiers at 1 p.m. in Berlin-Mitte.

Police monitored rockers in Berlin on MondayFoto: Sven Meissner

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Police monitored rockers in Berlin on MondayPhoto: Sven Meissner

Who are the Night Wolves?

The “Nochnye Volki” (Night Wolves) are considered Putin’s biker gang – with strong ties to the Kremlin. 18 of the feared rockers arrived in the capital on Thursday with twelve motorbikes and a car from Saxony. They first stopped at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, then they drove towards Tiergarten.

Read all about the Nationalist Motorcycle Club here.

Memorial events in Berlin

The end of World War II in Europe 77 years ago was commemorated with wreath laying and rallies in Berlin. Russian Ambassador Sergei J. Nechayev on Monday laid wreaths in front of Soviet memorials in Treptower Park and near the Brandenburg Gate. Hundreds of people participated in the various commemorative events, and in the afternoon, the operations management spoke of a leisurely journey until then. According to the authorities, around 1,800 police officers were on the move in the urban area.

On May 9, Russia traditionally celebrates the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. In Germany, May 8 is Remembrance Day, and Ukrainian commemorative events in the capital also focused on this day. Ambassador Andriy Melnyk and veterans of the Ukrainian army had already visited the memorial at the Brandenburg Gate on Sunday.

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