No more Brexit inconveniences: Boris Johnson’s father now has a French passport

No more Brexit inconvenience
Boris Johnson’s father now has a French passport

The fact that British Prime Minister Johnson’s father was against Brexit brought smiles years ago. Now Stanley Johnson can once again take full advantage of the benefits of the EU. He now has a French passport.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father has become French. The request of Stanley Johnson (81 years old) in November was accepted, he received French nationality on Wednesday, announced the Ministry of Justice in Paris. The reason given was that Stanley Johnson’s mother was French. However, since Stanley himself has not lived in France for over 50 years, his citizenship has expired for non-use.

Upon request and reference to his connection to France, he has now been granted citizenship, as required by regulations, the Justice Ministry explained. The French consul in London will personally present Johnson with his certificate of citizenship. Citizenship has no impact on Stanley’s children and therefore on Boris Johnson. Incidentally, his son Boris was born in New York and therefore had American citizenship for a long time. But he gave it up a few years ago, partly for tax reasons.

“I’m very happy. Once again, I’m a member of the European Union, which is great,” Father Johnson said. “It’s not about becoming French,” he said, according to the Guardian newspaper. “If I understood correctly, I’m French. My mother was born in France, her mother was all French and her grandfather was all French, so for me it’s just about claiming what I already have “, did he declare.

Over 30,000 naturalizations in Germany

Stanley Johnson had been critical of his son’s Brexit journey and also campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU, while his son Boris campaigned on a promise to leave. Later, however, the Prime Minister’s father also expressed his support for the exit. Stanley Johnson worked at the World Bank and was also an MEP in Brussels for a few years. He also campaigns for nature conservation.

In Germany, too, many naturalizations followed the Brexit referendum in 2016. According to official figures, more than 30,000 people from Great Britain living in Germany acquired German citizenship. In 2019 alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office, there were 14,600 – slightly more than the previous two years combined. In 2020, there were again almost 5,000. Anyone who had lived in Germany long enough and received a German passport before the effective exit on January 31, 2020 was allowed to keep the British passport due to an exception and received thus dual nationality.

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