Notícia Record: Blood and urine tests of W52-FC Porto cyclists were negative – Cycling

No traces of banned substances or irregularities in biological passports

The urine and blood tests of the W52-FC Porto cyclists were all negative for the use of doping substances, according to Record discovered from a source familiar with the process. In addition to these analyses, all the clues relating to the biological passports of the athletes were also scrutinized, which were validated and considered as ordered. If these data are confirmed, and even before the sporting and judicial authorities decide, the claim of sponsor Adriano Quintanilha to put W52-FC Porto back on the road seems to be strengthened, trusting the word of the cyclists who assured not have done it. consuming any illegal substance and having hired Jorge Henriques as their new sporting director. “The athletes received the test results this afternoon, and all were negative, both in blood and urine. The biological passports were also correct”, assured Adriano Quintanilha to the ‘Jornal de Notícias’.

On April 24, the judicial police carried out a raid as part of the so-called “clean operation” which resulted in the arrest of sports director Nuno Ribeiro and deputy José Rodrigues. According to ‘Correio da Manhã’, a group of 12 cyclists had been accused of following the operation.

“The Judicial Police, through the North Directorate, within the framework of an investigation carried out by the Public Ministry – DIAP Regional do Porto, carried out an operation aimed at detecting prohibited methods and illicit substances capable of falsifying the sporting truth in cycling events. professional”, revealed the PJ, on April 24, in a press release.

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