“Only Benfica and César Boaventura can explain”

Virulent criticism of the businessman Catio Baldé concerning the decision of the red club to no longer rely on the winger. eagles deny

Catio Baldé, the coach of Umaro Embaló, was very critical of the management of Benfica on Thursday, concerning the decision of the red club to no longer count on Umaro Embaló, a scenario that Benfica has however denied.

“Benfica, in the person of General Manager Rui Pedro Braz, informed me that Umaro Embaló is no longer part of Benfica’s plan,” the businessman began in a statement he shared. sent to the O JOGO newsroom.

“The management made at Benfica over Umaro is regrettable. I do not understand or accept how it was possible to devalue an asset which in 2016/17 was sold for 20 million euros to Leipzig, a deal which did not is not materialized and that only those responsible for the then can explain what happened. Then also the failed agreement with Southampton, another mystery that only Benfica and César Boaventura can explain “, can we read.

“The case failed due to the demands of César Boaventura (absurd commissions), he who was not even a player’s agent. Case made without my knowledge. It is this same athlete that Benfica did not never knew how to value. Considered this season as one of the best players in the SABSEG League, even the best player in December and author of the most beautiful goal. He never had a chance in the A team”, says Cátio Bald.

“During this time, we have seen every day and every week the forced forcing and sponsorship of certain players. What happened to Umaro hurts and is appalling. I do not understand or accept dishonest explanations. Umaro deserved respect and dignity. It gives a lot to think about. The way things are done, the criteria are questionable. How is it possible that Umaro doesn’t even deserve an opportunity?”

The 21-year-old forward’s agent, who has made 30 appearances for Benfica’s B team this season, also mentions Basel’s interest. “In January, Basel wanted Umaro, they presented a proposal to buy 50% of the pass for 3.5 million euros. There was an agreement for the transfer and suddenly Benfica came back saying that they wanted the athlete to stay because he believed he would. I have an opportunity. Today he is fired and completely despised by Benfica. I am disappointed and disillusioned.”

Contacted by O JOGO, a Benfica source said that the young player had only been informed that SAD was open to evaluating solutions for his future, and the information revealed by the businessman on a Basel proposal was also corrected. The Swiss emblem will have tried to take the winger, not in January but at the start of the season, and not via a purchase, just a loan with an option to buy.

The interpretation of the incarnates for this reaction will have to do, by the information in possession of the responsible incarnates, with the process of change of agents that will be in progress, with Embaló soon represented by Catió Baldé.

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