Passengers receive photos of plane crashes – standing start

Updated on 05/10/2022 14:05

  • A plane’s takeoff from Tel Aviv has been canceled after several passengers reportedly received photos of plane crashes on their smartphones.
  • According to Israeli radio, the maritime source was on the plane.
  • The police are investigating.

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A plane departing in Tel Aviv was stopped on its way to the take-off position because passengers allegedly received photos of plane crashes on their cellphones. The plane carrying 165 passengers, operated by Anadolu Jet – a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines – has been brought back to the terminal, Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv announced on Tuesday. The passengers had previously informed the crew that they had received matching photos on their mobile phones.

No cyberattack: the maritime source would have been on the plane

A Turkish Airlines spokesperson confirmed the incident to dpa. The plane should therefore fly to Istanbul.

Israel Radio, citing the airport, reported that the source of the sent photos was on the plane. It’s not a cyberattack. The police opened investigations. The airport initially did not comment on this when asked.

The airport also said passengers and their baggage are being screened again at this time. If it turns out that there is no danger, the start will be authorised. (dpa/mit)

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