Petit’s deputy and Musa’s absence against Tondela: “It’s the management that has to explain itself…” – Boavista

Nuno Pereira also commented on the result of the last round of the Bwin League, which relegated Beira to the 2nd League.

Nuno Pereira, assistant coach of Boavista, assumed that despite the team’s permanence at the top level of Portuguese football, he assured that he went to Tondela with the objective of winning the three points.

“We always watch the matches to win. It’s a mystique of Boavista. We had objectives in the match: to improve the classification and the score. The draw adjusts, yet there is always this frustration of not win,” began by saying the coach led the team following Petit’s punishment.


Tondela-Boavista, 2-2

Regarding the absence of Petar Musa, which was not an option, the Boavisteiros coach clarified that it was “an administrative problem”. “I think that’s the direction that needs to be explained. It’s not for me to decide,” he concluded.

Remember that, as already advanced by Recordthe 24-year-old Croatian striker is on his way to Benfica, a club who have already agreed a full deal with Boavista to complete the signing of the striker on loan from Slavia Praga this season at Chess Players.

By Luís Miroto Simões


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