Pinto da Costa interviews Luís Gonçalves, Vítor Baía and thanks the fans

Carlos Gouveia / Vanda Pinto


President of FC Porto in a very good mood during the broadcast of SIC Notícias.

Pinto da Costa, live on SIC Notícias, began by taking the reins of the show, taking the microphone and “interviewing” Luís Gonçalves and Vítor Baía. “What is your opinion of this show? he asked. “Fantastic, being an FC Porto is something only a few can do,” replied Luís Gonçalves. “For me it’s fantastic to be here next to our great president,” said Vítor Baía in turn.

Declarations of Pinto da Costa

Feeling: “Immense joy to see the happiness of these people, there are many people here with difficult lives, with many problems and today they are happy. I am very happy to help them have this night of incredible happiness .”

Is Partying on Allies different from Partying on Dragon? “It’s different. It was a period when we had big victories, international victories and this house was closed to us, today it is open. FC Porto and the city are so confused that it is impossible and incredible that the chamber has closed the doors of FC Porto for so many years. How absurd it would be for FC Porto to close the doors of the Town Hall.”

Word to fans: “A very big thank you and let them know that all of us at FC Porto work thinking of them, thinking of this night every year, we will do everything to make it happen many times.”

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