Pinto da Costa talks about the Portuguese Cup final and highlights regionalization



Text by FC Porto President Pinto da Costa published in the Portuguese Cup final magazine, in which the Porto team face Tondela from 5:15 p.m. on Sunday

“As is the history of this competition, the upcoming Portuguese Cup final will once again earn the epithet of Festa do Povo.” This is how begins the text signed Pinto da Costa and which is part of the results of the final of the Portuguese Cup, which opposes this Sunday, from 5:15 p.m., FC Porto to Tondela.

Taking advantage of the fact that the two teams represent the northern and central regions of Portugal, the president of Porto takes the opportunity to address decentralization and regionalization. “A whole program, if we take into account the political moment that the country is experiencing, in which the process of decentralization and, in the short term, regionalization itself, are the headliners of the new political promises”, can -we read.

“It is in this particular context that this is a regional final. Understood not as another political nomenclature modeled on the public administration of the central power, but a new generation of autarkic power, more united for a deeper knowledge of the close realities and more effective for the aggregation of the potentialities which are recognized today as a heritage of local power,” says Pinto da Costa.

“As it is a final for the regions, in the case of the North and the Center, in the stands of the Estádio do Jamor, there will certainly be many Portuguese for whom the love of football, for their clubs, does not only represent another sacrifice between those who derive from the war that we live in Europe, but the usual sacrifice of living in geographies where work and investment have a diminished value for the simple fact that they are further away from decision-making powers”, he concludes.

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