Pinto da Costa targets Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and António Costa: ‘We can’t wait any longer’



The president of FC Porto criticizes the two state figures. Speaking to Porto Canal, he speaks of a “ridiculously centralizing” country.

Congratulations: “I received nothing from the President of the Republic. From the government, I received it through another director, the Secretary of State for Sports [João Paulo Correia], who sent his congratulations. Otherwise, I received nothing. Indeed, the Prime Minister took care to congratulate FC Porto, the coaches, the athletes and the supporters, and he took care to put aside the leaders. I only consider myself congratulated in a small part, because I am a fan, but, as president, I consider that I was voluntarily excluded, which does not matter to me. “

Critique of political power: “I think that political power has this mentality that Portugal is Lisbon. And when Sporting or Benfica win, they celebrate, receive us, make speeches… When FC Porto, which is not from Lisbon, win, the President of the Republic takes the opportunity to say that we have a party and to congratulate Sporting, Benfica and Braga, because they are fourth. But this is completely normal in a ridiculously centralizing country. It is obvious that ‘we can’t expect more from the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

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