Pique and Mourinho’s years at Real Madrid: ‘I was going to greet Casillas and he wouldn’t even talk to me’ – Barcelona

In an interview on English television, the center spoke about the mental games of the Portuguese coach

Gerard Pique continues to be talked about off the pitch and this time he appeared on ‘The Overlap’ to be interviewed by Gary Neville. The Spanish player opened up on various topics that have accompanied him over his already long career, but it was the revelations about Jose Mourinho’s years coaching Real Madrid that caught the most attention. The rivalry between the Portuguese and Pep Guardiola has seen several episodes of tension and, according to the Blaugrana central defender, the shock wave has reached the Spanish team’s dressing room: “I was going to greet Iker [Casillas] and he didn’t even speak to me. It was necessary to do an exercise between the players of Barcelona and Real Madrid to restore the links.” Gerard Pique criticizes the mental games of the Portuguese coach, who “is able to get into the heads of the players and convince them that the rivals hate them”. with the “bath of reality” that Mourinho underwent “the first time he went to Camp Nou and lost 5-0.” From then on, believes Pique, the Portuguese coach has started a more tense strategy: “At each conference, press a little more and, perhaps, it was even too much for Guardiola. Controversies which, according to the Catalan, “had nothing to do with football”.


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