Popular cellphone provider changes network: Customers need to take this into account now

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Customers of a popular mobile operator should be aware of an important change: Lebara is moving to the Telefónica network. You can find out how this change will take place and what will change for customers here.

Customers of mobile operator Lebara should note an important change. As the company explains in a press release, the transition to the Telefónica Deutschland network will begin in mid-May. The process should be complete for all customers by June 30.

To do this, the SIM card of the mobile phone must be replaced. These will be sent to users over the next few weeks after prior notification. As a bonus, users get double the data volume for free for one month.

Change at the mobile operator Lebara: Many new tariff offers

Customers of the mobile operator Lebara must exchange their SIM cards.
Customers of the mobile operator Lebara must exchange their SIM cards.


As part of the network conversion, Lebara is also renewing its range of tariffs. There will be a total of twelve new products under the “Hello” label. These replace the old Leb Allnet and complete the tariffs. The new offers are simple prepaid tariffs, “Flex” contracts that can be terminated monthly or offers for a period of 24 months.

With all tariffs, the surfing speed increases from 18 to 25 megabits per second. In addition, all offers benefit from an SMS flat rate. With this change, Lebara wants to streamline its offer and make it clearer.

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