Prime Minister Jean Castex resigns

First female prime minister since 1992

Recently, there had been speculation that the 44-year-old head of state was looking for a woman for the important post. This is only the second time France has had a female prime minister. The first female Prime Minister was Edith Cresson, who took office in 1991 for just under a year.

“Thank you @JeanCastex, his government and his entire team,” Macron wrote on Twitter. For nearly two years, Castex has been working “with passion and commitment” for France. “Let’s be proud of the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved together,” he wrote.

Ruined support in the population

Macron prevailed more narrowly than his camp would have liked against right-wing European critic Marine Le Pen. The election result was also an indication of the erosion of support for the head of state among the population. Many in the country are disappointed or frustrated by his policies. Because the next hurdle for Macron is parliamentary elections a month away, it’s important the Liberal appeals to leftist and conservative voters with a new government led by the new prime minister.

The independent Castex has been in office since 2020. Prior to his appointment, he was a largely unknown mayor of a small town in the Pyrenees. Last week he described his departure as a “political necessity”. A ministerial reshuffle after the presidential election is a tradition in France. Re-elected Macron wants to send the signal for a new political start in view of the elections to the National Assembly on June 12 and 19.

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