Prime Minister Jean Castex resigns

Macron wants to reshuffle the cabinet after his re-election. As a result, the resignation of the government was expected. Now Prime Minister Jean Castex has taken action.

The French government led by Prime Minister Jean Castex has submitted its resignation. The Élysée Palace announced it on Monday. This allows re-elected President Emmanuel Macron to appoint a new cabinet. The process is considered a formality in France after a presidential election. However, it comes surprisingly late, a good three weeks after the vote. According to the announcement, Macron accepted the resignation.

According to the AFP news agency, Elisabeth Borne will be his successor. The 61-year-old was previously Minister of Labour. Recently, there had been speculation that the 44-year-old head of state was looking for a woman for the important post. This is only the second time France has had a female prime minister. The first female Prime Minister was Edith Cresson, who took office in 1991 for just under a year.

Elisabeth Borne: She must replace Castex.
Elisabeth Borne: She must replace Castex. (Source: Daniel Pier/NurPhoto/imago-images-pictures)

“Thank you @JeanCastex, his government and his entire team,” Macron wrote on Twitter. For nearly two years, Castex has been working “with passion and commitment” for France. “Let’s be proud of the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved together,” he wrote.

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