‘Revision of Nazism’: Selenskyj compares invasion to Hitler’s attack

“Revision of Nazism”
Selenskyj compares the invasion to Hitler’s attack

With a spellbinding speech, Volodymyr Zelenskyj commemorates the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition 77 years ago. The Ukrainian president also draws parallels with the current situation in his country. He describes the Russian attack on Ukraine as a “bloody new version of Nazism”.

In a moving video address from the heavily damaged Kyiv suburb of Borodyanka, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky drew parallels between the German invasion of World War II and the current Russian invasion. “In Ukraine they staged a bloody new edition of Nazism,” Zelensky said of Russia’s attack on Ukraine in a black-and-white video in front of the rubble of a residential building. “A fanatical imitation of the regime, its ideas, its actions, its words and its symbols. A maddening interpretation of its bestialities and its alibis supposed to give this evil a sacred purpose”.

He accused Russian leaders of removing “never” from the anti-war slogan “never again” with his Feb. 24 attack and replacing it with the slogan “we can repeat that.” Since the start of the invasion, the Russians have repeated many Nazi atrocities, albeit under different slogans, he said.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the end of World War II, Zelensky recalled the contribution of the Ukrainian people to the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition. The country had suffered from bombings, mass shootings and occupation, had lost people in concentration camps and gas chambers, in captivity and forced labor, but in the end it still won.

Proof of this is the destroyed “Werewolf” bunker belonging to Adolf Hitler near the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. This shows that evil cannot escape its responsibility. ‘He can’t hide in the bunker,’ he said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom critics have repeatedly accused since the start of the war of being in a safe and secret place. as a precaution.

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